February 11, 2016

Recent Thoughts

Twitter – Please Avoid Star Wars Galaxies Fate

What happened to significance of “Sticking to Your Core Competency?” That’s always been a fundamental principle of successful business. For example, I’ve always admired how the LePeep restaurant chain (@LePeepB2B) embraces that principle. Serving only breakfast & brunch, their hours are typically 6:30 AM to 2:00 PM, even in very high rent locations. This enables them […]

Under the Hood of The Notes & Bits Newsletter

Notes & Bits – Launching Thought Spray, Full Speed Ahead That’s the subject of the most recent update, sent today, to subscribers of my Notes & Bits email newsletter. The bulk of them currently comprised of attendees at one or more of my sessions at the Microsoft Office Conference hosted by Johnson County Community College […]

List of 4 Tools for Increased Productivity

Message to a Client & His Team Earlier tonight I spoke to a client’s admin lead & found they were sorely lacking in using “best in class” productivity tools to manage their day to day operations. After emailing them with suggestions, I decided to repurpose that message for a more general audience in this this […]